ROTORI Released!!!

There’s nothing like stumbling upon a concept that hasn’t been already exploited in such a crowded market as the mobile gaming scene and bring it to life in such a polished and careful way that you simply can’t believe it’s actually a product of your hard work.

Being proud of having developed Rotori is saying too little about it. We love it, the original idea the various and unique gameplay modes, its graphics, its music and of course, its price! Free for everyone!

This is one of those games that’s so obvious, so already well known and yet so surprising, nobody should miss!


Here is a list of its features!

  • Superb graphic design
  • 150 level campaign distributed in 6 different game modes
  • 5 Unlockable additional game modes
  • Special pieces
  • Cube powerups
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Amazing performance

Want to know even more, go to our dedicated Rotori page and watch the launch trailer!

Available on the AppStore     Get it on GooglePlay

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