Embracing Platino from Lanica

Some of you into app development will be aware that Carlos Icaza ex-CEO of Ansca Mobile (Creators of the Corona SDK) is now up in another adventure wich looks really promising and fills a huge void in the multiplatform SDK’s market:

A true engine to rule them all, apps and games for every major app marketplace out there!


His recently created company, Lanica, is developing a top-secret dont-talk-about-it-or-you’re-dead module for Appcelerator Titanium called Platino.

What this means is the best engine for creating apps will get a module to become the best engine to create games by the hand of the guy that flagshipped multiplatform development on mobile devices and using Javascript as its coding language (so spreaded it’s scary the amount of competence we’ll get very soon :D). Cool enough for us to try dig our noses into Platino.

So right now, even if Platino is in a closed beta state, we at DunkelGames have been chosen as one of the few developers who can try its goods and after coding some projects… it seems there’s no turning back, we are in love! From now on DunkelGames works with Platino and hopefully we’ll bring some new games out soon!

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