ChocoRun is not your average mobile game, it’s a hard challenge to beat, a truly hardcore experience for your iOS device!


The game features a new take on what platformers should be on a touch device, sporting one touch super precise controls while movement is totally automatic. You just have to hold down your finger to charge your strength and release it to perform the jump. You’ll be able to change your direction bouncing off walls, as well as getting higher grounds.

Fast paced action, incredible graphics, insane difficulty and an awesome OST are its key features. You’ll love trying to beat every one of its crazy levels while enjoying its retro chiptune music.

Corona SDK game of the week

ChocoRun has been featured as Corona SDK Game of the Week and also New & Noteworthy on 113 countries in the App Store, so you can’t go wrong with this one, just take a good run with it and you’ll get totally addicted to the game!

So get engaged and take your Choco for a run, you won’t forget this brutal mobile action!