DunkelGames comes from Alejandro Jimenez’s great passion for videogames. Since his childhood, he always wanted to create videogames either to be able to pay some dues or just for fun, so he tried many many times to release a final product without success, but then came the mobile development explosion and with that, the first ‘serious’ game Alejandro would make: ChocoRun.

After a first ChocoRun version he could get in touch with Joan Carles Quintans, a very experienced graphic artist who shared the same passion about videogames than him. The actual team just got together the 20th June 2011 and, in two months accomplished to totally rebuild ChocoRun making it one of the most unforgettable experiences for a mobile device.

Now we hope we can continue working on projects like this for a long time, delivering games that change some schemes and bring a breath of fresh air to our players.

DunkelGames Team

Alejandro & Joanqui